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Wed Mar 18 15:48:58 UTC 2009

2009/3/18 Jonathan Byrne <jonathan at>:
> On 3/18/2009, "Glen Barber" <glen.j.barber at> wrote:
>>What about a prompt for the user?  This way, if X is hung, a timer
>>(say 15 seconds or so) will automatically restart X.
> Just so long as the prompt doesn't depend on X working. If X is really
> hung, you may never see the prompt :)
>>This whole thing is poor practice, IMHO.  Now, "regular users" are
>>going to find out how to re-enable the "feature" by editing xorg.conf.
> These young whippersnappers :) Back in my day, editing the X config by
> hand was part of being a "regular user." I know one guy who turned his
> nose up at any automatic configuration tool, preferring to write his own
> mode lines. And they worked, I guess. At least, I never saw him with a
> burned up monitor :) I never went so far as trying my own mode lines,
> but I did edit my own X config. And yes, sometimes I broke it, but I
> also figured out how to fix it. That was part of the fun, and part of
> why Linux remains my primary OS today, with a little Mac around the
> edges.

i hear you, i still use a custom written-by-hand xorg.conf from the
days of gutsy. everytime i einstall the system, i get misconfigured
screen, resolution acting up, systemsettings not configuring X
properly. i must say, back in Gutsy these problems never happened, i
started getting them with the so called bullet proof X in Hardy. i
edit my xorg.conf with new stuff as i discover them. i always read the
nvidia documentation for any new settings i might need to explicitly
specify, stuff to improve my KDE4 experience nowadays. i watch the
xorg.conf supplied by default with a fresh install, after some
comparing i see what stuff i need to remove from my xorg.conf, like
the input settins and such unneeded settings anymore. i quite like it,
enjoy it, it's *mine*. this is an X *I* configured, lol.

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