Hardware Driver Manager

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 18 00:44:24 UTC 2009

> Anyway, if you haven't downloaded the firmware, that would be one
> reason it's not working.  Of course Hardy may not support a new enough
> version of the broadcom drivers to connect with the kind of encryption
> you're using (if it's more advanced than plain WEP).
I recently moved to Jaunty Alpha.  I have one of the difficult 
motherboard chips to work with nVidia 780a.  I found Jaunty Alpha to be 
more stable than either Hardy or Intrepid.  Intrepid seemed a great move 
up, but Jaunty will take your breath away.  I clicked on hardware, 
clicked on 180l.37 for my video card and video that I was totally 
satisfied with became so good that it is hard to describe.  The colors 
are pure, the crispness of the picture is noticibly better, and the 3D 
effects are so remarkable you feel like you can reach right into the 
screen.  It is so much better than I have seen that it has to be the 
work in jaunty.  My sound is the board sound an it projects sound 
great.  I couldn't even get kmail to work in Intrepid, however in 
jaunty, I clicked on configuration typed in my pop and smtp addresses 
and used the program.  It is an automatic 15 second total installation.  
A real plug and play.  It can't provide your pop and smtp adresses 
because they are not all the same, so that is what you put in.  It does 
the rest.  If I were in Hardy, I would choose Jaunty Alpha over a stable 
Intrepic.  Alpha is more stable.


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