e-Sword, first success

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Tue Mar 17 22:02:34 UTC 2009

Hi Steven,

Steven Vollom wrote:
>> So I took heart and deleted my .wine folder, made up an entirely fresh 
>> new one with winecfg, then installed the latest e-Sword into the default 
>> location.
> So I am clear on what to do.  Do I get my wine application from 
> KpackageKit or somewhere else?

you get the latest wine by using the instructions on the wineHQ website 
download department on how to use Ubuntu to integrate the wine 
repository into your ubuntu sources list.

    Or do I do this sudo apt-get install
> winecfg?  

winecfg is a (sort of) command line command that you can issue from konsole.

Is the default location the c:\ drive?

The default location of (nearly) any windows application is C:\Program 
Files\<name of application>. So it will be c:\program files\e-Sword\

  > sudo apt-get install winetricks does not work for me, and I could not
> find it in KpackageKit.  

the wineHQ website links to it, otherwise the first google finding for 
"winetricks" will directly lead you to further information about it.

> How do I know which choice?
Strictly by reading the EULAs of any microsoft application which you 
will install. It is widely known, that for example Intenet Explorer 6 
and the MS Webfonts, if the latter are taken directly form Microsoft, 
require you to have a windows license, ex. Win 9x or newer. The same 
applies AFAIK for DCOM98, but I am not sure. However I am sure that 
there are others, where essentially the same will apply.

Basically just install "anything" and you are done.

> My 64 bit is AMD and works with 32 bit.
I love this statement.  I cannot think of any way to summarize this fact 
of Computing shorter and more precisely;-))

kind regards and good luck. As usual, if you encounter problems, do not 
hesitate to ask


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