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Jonathan Byrne jonathan at
Tue Mar 17 21:53:50 UTC 2009

On 3/17/2009, "Nils Kassube" <kassube at> wrote:

>Don't panic!
>As you can read in another mail of Dotan in this thread, he mixed it up
>with Ctrl-Alt_Backspace. And I just checked in Jaunty, Ctrl-ESC still

OK, now I'm *really* panicking :p

ctrl-alt-backspace, unlike ctrl-esc, is something I actually use
semi-regularly. I simply can't fathom the logic behind disabling it.
What's an ordinary user to do if X hangs and ctrl-alt-backspace has
been disabled? They get a choice between ctrl-alt-delete (if that
hasn't been disabled too), and just hitting the reset button (if their
computer has one; seems like most notebooks and more than a few desktops
these days don't have a reset button. That in itself is also
incomprehensible, considering most of those machines will be running an
OS that makes a reset button a pretty useful feature).

Disabling basic and well-known keystroke combinations like that because
somebody might accidentally hit them makes no sense. ctrl-alt-backspace,
like it's ancestor ctrl-alt-delete, was chosen because it's so hard to
hit by accident.

Please, let's leave them in.

I know I could manual put them back into the X configuration, and
doubtless will. I do not, however, think I should have to. Nor should
all the other people who will doubtless put them back have to. People
who don't use those things will never notice if they are in there or
not. People who do use them will notice. And if there are any people who
somehow manage to hit them accidentall, well, maybe that will teach them
not to do that :)



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