OFF TOPIC BUT NECESSARY Dotan Cohen is an honorable man.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Mar 17 07:21:54 UTC 2009

If you have been viewing the posts about the virus attack on my system, 
I want to clarify something that may be misunderstood.  My use of words 
many times leaves room for improvement.

Dotan Cohen is an honorable and decent man.  I do not think there is any 
possibility that he would do anything that is not absolutely, without 
fault, proper.  His integrity and behavior have proven his high 
character, in my opinion.  He is abrupt in his help some times.  It 
teaches and encourages those who want to learn how to find their own 
answers to problems.  He as helped me immensely in my attempts to learn 
the Linux system.

I trust his character above my own and would expect you to take his word 
over mine.  Even though mine is salted. (It used to be my username until 
someone hijacked it.   I went by Saltedword for years.  My current 
username is Shabakthanai, from an ancient unused language.)  Salted word 
is word you can bank your life on.  People do not, but they could with me.

If anyone has had any thoughts about him from anything I have said, I 
hope you place blame on me, not him.



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