Thanks for the Virus.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Mar 17 07:08:54 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Please tell me it wasn't you,
> I can tell you that it wasn't me, but what good will that do? If a
> person is bad enough to send spam, is he above lying? I warned you
> months ago about malicious people and not to trust everything that you
> read online. Linux mailing lists have so far been a safe haven,
> despite the potential for abuse, however the internet at large is
> dangerous.
> I assure you that I have never knowingly done anything malicious to
> you or anyone else on a Linux mailing list with the possible exception
> posting BS technical jargon, like I did earlier in this thread. And
> that will harm neither user not computer.
I know that, Dotan, I am sorry I even had pause.  I don't know enough 
about virus', so I am concerned about putting the data into my new box, 
even if virus protection says it cured the problem.  I am about to just 
delete it all, to save the potential damage.  It is a very hard 
decision.  I will post and try to repair any damage I may have caused 
you by my pause.  It was not really doubt at all.  I was just shocked by 
the amount of negative mail I was getting as the victim.  I am truly 
sorry.  Your advice is always trusted by me.  In fact my respect for you 
is higher than most because you force us newbies to learn how to do for 
ourselves.  I am still on the List with things I may be able to solve on 
my own, but when I post I don't realize that if it is the case.  You 
have been responsible for many improvements in my understanding of the 
Linux Operating System and I am most grateful.  I know you know that 
too.  Whether you want it or not, on this side, you are my friend.


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