Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 17 06:44:44 UTC 2009

> I would very highly recommend that you buy a manual on Linux (there 
> are several on Amazon, or a book store) and get the ideas and 
> principles down. There were some very good instructions given and you 
> appear to have a problem understanding them. NOTE WELL: I'm not upset, 
> nor discouraged that you don't get this. I picked up this thread for 
> two reasons: 1. you were wanting to read the Bible. 2. you seemed to 
> be struggling.
Please forgive me, I do not feel that.  I am a little confused why the 
prepondernce of mail on the issue is to try to find fault with me.  I 
have been attacked by virus' four times in my past.  I am pretty 
confident I recognize the symptoms; it appeared that you were more 
concerned about the welfare of the abuser than the victim.  Obviously I 
misunderstood.  It is obvious that I have been attacked at a very 
critical point in my trying to save some precious data.  I am guilty of 
not being able to back it up before or even the knowledge of how to do 
that process, but I am not guilty of false accusations, in fact if you 
re-read my responses you will find that I accused no one.  I was very 
careful to refer to a guilty party and not attach him or her to the List.

I have to admit, for a moment I took pause with Dotan when he was 
considering my position in the matter, because of his feisty nature, but 
I still trust him implicitly.  It is just I am unable to understand how 
I seem to be coming other than what I am, the victim of malicious and 
evil behavior.
> I'm sorry you're upset or considered my email rude or bad behavior.
I really don't and am not really that upset.  What you all don't seem to 
understand, I wasn't venting as much as I was trying to help the poor 
soul.  I can't seem to get that across.  And I don't understand why it 
is so hard to consider.  What this person has done is so malicious that 
in reality it should have consequences, punishment.  I am not interested 
in that.  What is done is done.  I just would like the person to 
consider the ramifications of what was done and consider changing future 

I have done some things in life that I am ashamed of, but the only thing 
I can do to try to offset my responsibility is to not repeat the 
offenses.  I found that the best way to keep my children focused on a 
proper life was a well placed hand on their bottom.  Only had to do it a 
couple of times and I am beyond proud of how they have turned out.  That 
is what my words were meant to do.  Now I have probably really made them 
> I really hope I can help in some way in the future.

I feel exactly the same.  There is nothing I would not do to protect my 
relationship on the list.  For me it is one of my most important 
contacts with people.  I just love it.  I am always grateful.  And I am 
grateful for your sincere concern.  That is what I expected from those 
who are trying to turn the blame on this matter.  I don't understand why 
they are not aware that by supporting someone who is behaving improperly 
you are inviting them to repeat the act.  You don't have to hit them to 
get them to change, only turn you back on them.  They want support for 
their actions, so they can enjoy the joke.  If they realized the damage 
they do, they would not only stop on their own intelligence or they earn 
their chastisement they get and should be punished and incarcerated as 
far as I am concerned.  It is why we have laws, to assist those who can 
not discipline themselves.

Howard, you are a valued friend to me, and so is Nigel.  I respect, 
honor and desire your friendships.  I would never hurt you purposely.  
And if I did, I am truly sorry.



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