Thanks for the Virus.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Mar 17 06:18:45 UTC 2009

>> The only Windows in my box is Wine.
My only Windows program is e-Sword.  I purchased some DVD's and the 
seller has many times agreed to take me off his list, but He is a 
bother, but I purchases from him.  There is Costco, I used to be a 
member. Hewlett Packard, I asked support from and won't honor their no 
ad policy.  Ebay does not bug me.

Just after this problem regarding too many posts, I get lawyers from all 
over the world with money to give away, just looking for a responsible 
party to help them handle large amounts of cash.  All types of multi 
product sellers.  Trips for sale.  Health issues for sale.  I can't 
remember any more at the moment but it is not even close to the list of 
similar junk.  I also purchased from Newegg, but they never bother me 
with any ads.
>> Not all Wine users have this on their radar, but Wine has long been good
>> enough that it can run - and be infected by - most Win32 malware.

>> I tried to make the extras software from my new motherboard to work.  ASUS M3N-HT Mempipe.  Just read the benefits and you will understand why I tried.  There may be something else, but I don't remember anything else.  But my memory is poor.  Still I don't think so.
>> WRT your original problem, there's not enough hard data there to
>> diagnose what it might be,
With no applications running, I clicked on the Kmenu button, it took 
almost a minute to provide the list.  I had already clicked the home 
button next to it, to see if anything would run, then I waited a couple 
of minutes more.  When it finally opened, I clicked on the applications 
tab  and waited a couple of minutes for it to open, then I tried to open 
Dolphin and it would never even start to open.  Then I tried to shut 
down; it took several minutes before I gave up and hard shut down, using 
the terminal ' sudo shutdown now -r'.  That worked pretty well until it 
came time to shut down, then I had to wait for a long long time maybe 5 
or more minutes.  Finally I pressed the off button and held it down 
until it went off.  I opened Thunderbird because of unread emails  read 
them and answered from my new computer, which was difficult because I 
had to type the responses and answers to keep the help person well 
advised.  Among the emails was a couple of repeat sends of the one that 
criticized me for taking so long to receive the solution to my network 
problems.  I admit it had some influence on my decision as to who did 
the attack.  It is just like what happened in Windows when infected by a 
virus.  At the same time all those ad emails came onto my computer.  
None were from those I mentioned who have dishonored their agreement to 
not send ads, only the junk I mentioned and much more of the same 
something for nuthin ads.

It is ominous.  There is so much, it couldn't be coincidental.  Oh, I 
have been surprised that I don't have a problem, because there are a 
couple of torrent sites that I frequent, but the sites I go to don't 
have pictures of naked women in ads around their choices of downloads, 
and I haven't seen xrated stuff either.  No ads from those sites yet.  
An example is Bittorrent.

>> t one thing I'm fairly sure it's not is
>> an email-born virus (unless you've been running a Win32 email program
>> under Wine).
I have been using Thunderbird on the box it happened in, kmail won't 
work.  I prefer kmail.
>> -Do these ads and things all come by email? If so, someone may have put
>> your address on some spammy lists or just let it out in places where it
>> would likely be harvested.
That is what I think.
>> -If these ads don't come by email, are they browser pop-ups? If so, what
>> browser are you using? 
>> And what plugins? If Firefox, for example, at a
>> minimum you should be using Noscript and Adblock Plus.
>> -If these ads are coming from some other app, do you know what it is? If
>> not, maybe someone can help you find out.
The computer is so screwed by this, that I can't even run Dolphin or 
konqueror.  They just won't start.  I can get the Kmenu to open after a 
long wait and Thunderbird, but nothing else anymore.  In fact, the OS 
that is affected is the one that is on the computer that has the 250gb 
of data that I am trying to save and is responsible for the too long 
posted network problems.  I am trying to decide if I even trust Virus 
removal products on the data I want to transfer.  That will be a post.  
I need advice as to whether the data is safe after using some virus 
program.  I won't gamble on my new box, I would rather just take the 
loss.  That is why I believe this is so malicious.  And people who 
appear to have the technical ability to do this, were indicating 
discontent with my post, as though I had any control over it's length.

If you had a problem like mine, would you not keep on trying to fix it 
as long as experts were willing to try to help.  That is all I did that 
was wrong. And I did worry that people might get angry.  They said there 
were 70 posts about the topic.  Some even took credit for solving the 
problem, however none of their advice worked.  I still don't have the 
solution completely solved.  My new box finally appears to recognize the 
other computer. 

It is the old box that is not yet fixed.  It is the box that is 
infected.  What is most troubling is that the good people of the list 
have almost unanimously joined to fix blame on me.  If you have ever 
been crippled by a virus, you would recognize the symptoms too.  As far 
as the ads are concerned, they are not a virus, they are just malicious 
and annoying. 

A company that sold me some bogus dvd's and promised to never send ads 
and has a button to click to be removed from advertising send ads every 
few days.  I wouldn't purchase from him if his coupons exceeded the 
value of a purchase.  I have found the cost of doing business with him. 

Hewlett Packard is the only one I can't understand why they would do 
such a thing.  You can bet I will never ever purchase an HP product 
again.  The first thing I do when I install an application is lose the 
HP support for printers.  Don't need it, wouldn't use a free HP product. 

I am not afraid to admit my shortcomings.  To my knowledge I have given 
you everything I used to make my decision.  Additionally I am old and 
have a declining memory, but there are things I would not do whether I 
remembered them or not, so I am sure that I did not do anything that 
falls outside of the obvious character controls that I place on myself.  
I am no longer tempted by greed or sexuality or something for nothing 
scams.  I would rather be dirt poor than participate.  I also don't have 
much of an ego or self esteem, so saying what I do is not likely to 
build me up.  I frankly don't care what others think anymore.  I know 
myself and I respect myself and what you believe that is unsupported 
does not affect me at all. 

I just don't want to be 86'd from the list, because of the actions of a 
malcontent.  And if you obviously don't like me but continue to help me, 
I will be as grateful for your help as I am for those who don't seem to 
mind me.  That is all I have to say on the matter.  If you can't figure 
out who I am or what my character is, you won't with more words.  I love 
the list.

Only email.

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