Thanks for the Virus.

Jonathan Byrne jonathan at
Tue Mar 17 00:04:25 UTC 2009

On 3/16/2009, "Steven Vollom" <stevenvollom at> wrote:

>The only Windows in my box is Wine.

Not all Wine users have this on their radar, but Wine has long been good
enough that it can run - and be infected by - most Win32 malware. It's
possible that this is what happened in your case, depending on what
Windows apps you are using in Wine and they are being used.

WRT your original problem, there's not enough hard data there to
diagnose what it might be, but one thing I'm fairly sure it's not is
an email-born virus (unless you've been running a Win32 email program
under Wine). More data would help to diagnose the problem, or at least
come up with avenues to explore. For example:

-Do these ads and things all come by email? If so, someone may have put
your address on some spammy lists or just let it out in places where it
would likely be harvested. Or, if you have it on some website, it may
have been harvested there.

-If these ads don't come by email, are they browser pop-ups? If so, what
browser are you using? And what plugins? If Firefox, for example, at a
minimum you should be using Noscript and Adblock Plus.

-If these ads are coming from some other app, do you know what it is? If
not, maybe someone can help you find out.

-Do they affect you under other userids? If you haven't tried this,
create a new user on your computer, with a new password, and try doing
the things you normally do and see if the problem appears (this, of
course, applies to a non-spam problem).



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