Thanks for the Virus.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Mar 16 23:55:31 UTC 2009

Cary Bielenberg wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> I thought my computer was getting even worse by the minute.  So thanks 
>> to the one who doesn't understand, I have an infected computer again, 
>> after being away from Microsoft for over 4 years.  Not only a virus, but 
>> some kind of ad barrage.  In four years, no ads.  Now every couple of 
>> emails is something to erase.   I hope you enjoy yourself.  Trouble is 
>> you are probably someone who has my gratitude for helping me.
>> I forgive you, but you are misdirected.  Negative things have a way of 
>> coming back at you.  I hope this doesn't happen to you, whoever you are, 
>> because the come-around is pretty unforgiving.
>> Steven
> What a strange accusation to place on any *nix site/list! mate get a 
> grip, If you could survey this list I would doubt anyone
> would be using any micro$oft products!
> 2c Cary
Frankly I didn't know it was a Microsoft product if it was, I only know 
that it is a new problem to solve.  I have had people look me in the eye 
and tell me the most incredible tales, and I knew they were telling the 
truth.  I have heard the most plausable answer and knew it was a lie.  
So have you and everyone else. 

This problem had a lot of little things leading up to it, that I was 
desperately trying to sidestep to protect my position on the list.  If 
you have someone put a gun in your face, don't your instincts tell you 
it is probably loaded and the person holding it may not revere life.  My 
instinct have done pretty well by me over the years, and if you read a 
body of my emails you will see that I am not one to accuse.  Something 
stinks and I am the victim. 

I will say it again.  To me, the List and everyone involved is all but 
perfect.  I respect even those who don't agree with me, I am just 
smelling smoke in the theater, and you and a few others are saying don't 
tell anyone there may be a fire.  I will use your term, get a grip.  You 
seem to assume that what happened did not happen.  There is no logical 
explanation other than what I have said.  And you choose to support it 
rather than help change the mind of the guilty person.  I can tell you 
one thing, if this was happening to your, I would not support the 
prankster, that only encourages them to not do it again.  I would 
support you in trying to help them change their ways, if this happened 
to you.  However, I wish I hadn't made the comment; it was just the only 
way I could see to help that person.  And you still don't understand that.

Steven Vollom, fine-artist retired

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