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Mon Mar 16 23:16:14 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> The only Windows in my box is Wine.  I don't have anything to do with them 
> anymore.  In fact if you haven't tried Jaunty, I think it will put them out of 
> business.  I have never experienced such excellence.  In Intrepid, I had 
> problems installing Kmail that have never been resolved, until I installed 
> Jaunty.  In about 15 seconds it was configured and running.  I don't have any 
> gripes with Windows anymore.  I just don't use them at all.  Funny thing 
> though, I was pretty much accused of fooling with the list, because I have 
> another problem that won't fix.   It has been getting too many posts; I agree, 
> but I still have the problem.

Sounds like you got on a spammer's list.  Someone already asked you, 
what proof do you have that it came from this list?  Please answer that.

> But some from the list have take it personal, like I am creating problems on 
> purpose.  I love the list and would never do anything like that.  Nonetheless 
> within a short time after the inference or outright accusation, I have an 
> already wounded computer that dropped about 80 percent of its speed just 
> grinding out the opening of any simple application, and now have 
> advertisements clogging up my emails.  I remember that from Windows.  It was 
> virus' and adware that were the problem.  Since I no longer use Virus 
> protection or Adaware products, just haven't needed them, I suppose it was 
> just a coincidence that I have two related problems enter my system for the 
> first time.  I grieve that my post cause such anger.  I guess I just don't know 
> what to do when a problem persists and lots of people want to help.  

How's this for an idea:  maybe doing some analysis before you go off 
half-cocked like that?

> They even 
> criticized the person who reviews the posts and implied that the ones who were 
> unhappy were filtering my emails from their computers.  What an absolutely evil 
> thing to do, and for a bum rap.  
> The list is my favorite website, and I may be 86ed for reason at all.

If someone's filtering your posts from their own computers, then that's 
their right.  If true, then you got 86'ed from their computers, not this 
list.  Again, don't go blaming us without presenting some solid evidence.

>  I wasn't even unkind in my response.  I don't assume it was the author of the 
> chastising email, I just thought it probably some young person who hadn't 
> matured to realize that doing unkind things have there consequences.  I was 
> trying to help them, not spank them, even though that is what I think 
> appropriate.  This is akin to peeking in someone's bedroom window.  It is an 
> evil act that will have consequences for whomever did it.  If I am 
> misunderstanding, I apologize to everyone who reads this.  I am not one to 
> falsely accuse, but when it walks like a duck and looks like a duck and makes 
> duck sounds, it is usually is a duck.

And when it walks like an unfounded accusation and looks like an 
unfounded accusation and makes unfounded accusation sounds, it is 
usually an...unfounded accusation!

Calm down, get a grip, and analyze your system, dude.

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