Crossover cable connection between 2 computers.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Mar 16 20:27:18 UTC 2009

John L Vifian wrote:
> On Sunday 15 March 2009 6:07:10 am Steven Vollom wrote:
> > URL: fish:/
> It looks as if you mistyped the URL because your browser should be 
> reporting the URL as URL: fish:// with two forward slashes.
> Also which machine did you install openssh-server on? It should be on 
> the machine that you are trying to connect too, and not the one you 
> are trying to connect from.  
It is on my older macchine.
> Can you still ping each machine from the other?
I just learned how to do that yesterday, and yes.
> John Vifian
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Thank you for your kind response.  The typo is in the email, I have been 
using //.  There are serious problems with one of my boxes.  None of the 
good advice that has come from the List has helped.  I have a new 
friend, very long distance, Pretoria, South Africa who is a genius in 
these matters.  He called me yesterday and we worked for 6 hours on the 
problem.  He ran out of time just prior to the final solution, but will 
call back today.  In any event, I have tried fish, openssh, Samba, and 
one other that I can't remember the name right now.  I seem to have the 
same problem with each.  One of my computers is functioning properly and 
set up to receive data from the other.  The other computer still has a 
couple of glitches.

In all likelihood I am the culprit in the matter.  I have been alone 
with my computer problems for about 20 years.  I have worked around and 
still am working around problems that are of self creation I think.  I 
have never had any help nor the ability to communicate with the forums 
over the years.  A response that takes 2 to 4 weeks to get a reply is 
too long for me to retain what is going on, so I have, by 
experimentation, worked my problems through creative means to keep a 
computer running, that and a lot of formatting and reinstalling. 

Since I got on the list, I have been learning reasonably fast.  My old 
computer has been working with the  two drives and several partitions 
improperly mounted.  It has screwed up how networking can serve me.  It 
is so bad that I will finally have to format and start over; I am simply 
trying to save 250gb of data I prefer not to lose, if possible.  When 
the problem is solved I will be using Samba, but I am still a day from 
solution.  A very bright man has made my problem, his problem, so you 
can consider the problem solved, with my gratitude for your effort.  I 
am so very fortunate.


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