Using Kmail to send mail through Gmail

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Mar 16 20:05:31 UTC 2009

Jonas Norlander wrote:
> For most of the time I uses Gmails web interface but I wanted to test
> Kmail in KDE 4.2.1 so I configure it to work with Gmail but I cant
> send mail through there smtp. I get a SSL error. This looks related:
> but sasl2 is installed and I'm fairly sure i got the configuration for
> Gmail right. Any one using Kmail to send mail through Gmail?
> / Jonas
I am not sure I understand the question, Jonas, but I have gmail account 
for people I do not know.  When mail is sent to the gmail account it is 
forwarded to my kmail account with anonymity, if that is what you are 
talking about.  It works fine.


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