VMware VS VirtualBox

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Mon Mar 16 18:41:23 UTC 2009

Edmund Laugasson wrote:

>> In my version 2.1.4 from the virtualbox repro there is no need to do
>> that anymore, you just need to add your USB device in the USB settings
>> for you virtual machine and it will show up in the guest OS (works
>> flawless for my windows scanner). Virtualbox shows a list of all
>> connected USB devices so it's very easy to add them to the virtual
>> machine.
> That's great! In VirtualBox 2.1.4 there is also much more comfortable way
> to use host interface for networking.
> Earlier time I created bridge myself but it isn't necessary anymore.

I gave up on that in 1.6 - but was glad to see that not only is it no
problem at all in 2.1.4, but it works with a wireless Host interface, which
I believe wasn't possible at all in 1.6.

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