jaunty kde 4.2 weather applet loses city upon reboot / relogin

Richard E. Barmann reb68 at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 16 12:46:34 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-03-15 at 17:45 -0400, Paul S wrote:

> Actually I fixed this by deleting and recreating my ~/.kde ~/.qt 
> ~/.config ~/.local   .. not sure which one was the problem, but now it 
> starts properly.

I have been trying to get the weather applet to show in KDE 4.2 and the
previous version. I went to the forum but received no answer. Could some
one please help me?  at times I get the data window but it will take no
City/Station selection.
Thank you very much.
Dick Barmann
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