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Sat Mar 14 18:57:33 UTC 2009

Hello Kubuntu users:

I ordered a kubuntu 8.10 from amazon for a couple of 2004 E-series
CPUs ripe-clean I got from DeVry because they upgraded some computer

One I has the Kubuntu in it, and the other I
was going to turn
into a NAS and plug some external hard drives to it.  But I was
it might be easier to get the Ubuntu server version for the other CPU. 
Right now I have them side-by-side, and my plan was to plug both into
wireless belkin router on my desk since they are not too wide.  But I
also thinking of connecting the extra one to my TV and attaching a
wireless receiver to it
instead or running a long Ethernet cord across my bedroom to my
router.  Opinions on preferred network topology in this scenario? I've
attached my idea from Visio. 
Also I finally figured out how to get rid of the Open Office
2.4 and put the 3.0 in there, but I didn’t like the GUI’s and it worked better
in the terminal.  So, I prefer advice that way for my updating question. 

I tried adding the deb url software updates for Ooo3 and I
got broken links?  Is this a known problem?  I had to download the
Ooo3 version off their website to get it to work right. 

Update questions?

My system says it’s 4.1KDE.  Am I suppose the update
that?   Sudo ??? I'm currently downloading the jaunty-alternate-i386.iso so I can test the DVD rom and make sure I can burn. Is that the right one for my purpose? Something is wrong with my Vista Laptop and it will not play DVD or CD's anymore.  

Once I figure out how to do Twilight Hack for the Wii, I
would also like to add that to my network, so  I need to figure out some


One Kubuntu CPUOne Empty CPU – server?

One Vista laptop 

One wannabe hacked Wii


I want the Kubuntu CPU to be the head honcho. 

Should I just wait for 9.04 to be stable before doing too much
customizing or is that upgradeable? I really don't mind putting it in now if it will be easier to upgrade apps and builds as I go. 

Where are software sources for Kubuntu?  I only got
mediubuntu so far.  And the one with Ooo didn’t work right, so, are their



Twitter.com/philenaI tried to send a drawing of my topology but it wouldn't take.
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