Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 14 14:12:17 UTC 2009

Eberhard Roloff wrote:
> Nils Kassube wrote:
>> Steven Vollom wrote:
>>>> steven at Yeshua:~$ find | grep e-Sword\.exe
>>>> ./.wine/drive_c/e-Sword.exe
>>>> steven at Yeshua:~$ cd ./
>> Make that:
>> cd .wine/drive_c/
>>>> steven at Yeshua:~$ e-Sword.exe
>> And that should be:
>> wine ./e-Sword.exe
> Sorry Nils, it is extremley unlkely that a windows program executable 
> installs directly to the root of the windows C:\ drive.
> It might happen, but at least my e-sword install automatically went to 
> .wine/drive_c/Program Files/e-Sword
> So Steven, try this to clarify things and show us, what you have in 
> .wine/drive_c/:
> cd .wine/drive_c/
> ls
> Kind regards
> Eberhard
steven at Yeshua:~$ cd .wine/drive_c/
steven at Yeshua:~/.wine/drive_c$ ls
aov.bbl        e-Sword.exe           hkb.bbl       License.pdf    sdk-l.bbl
asv.bbl        e-sword.exe.manifest  hnt.bbl       litv.bbl       so.bbl
bbe.bbl        e-Sword.hlp           hot.bbl       lxx.bbl        srv.bbl
bcn.bbl        e-Sword.tip           hot+.bbl      mkjv.bbl       sse.bbl
bibeln.bbl     fdb.bbl               ibis.bbl      murdock.bbl    strong.dct
bishops.bbl    fls.bbl               ice.bbl       nblh.bbl       svd.bbl
bul.bbl        fpr.bbl               inr.bbl       norsk.bbl      tab.bbl
cbk.bbl        geb.bbl               irl.bbl       pbg.bbl        tkjv.bbl
cev.bbl        geneva.bbl            isv.bbl       pjfa.bbl       tkk.bbl
ComboList.ocx  glb.bbl               itb.bbl       Program Files  ubio.bbl
custom.dic     gnb.bbl               jps.bbl       rdct.bbl       vamvas.bbl
cuv-s.bbl      gneu.bbl              jss.bbl       Readme.pdf     viet.bbl
cuv-t.bbl      gnt.bbl               kjv-1611.bbl  riched20.dll   
dansk.bbl      gnt-tr.bbl            kjva.bbl      RichEdit.ocx   
darby.bbl      gnt-tr+.bbl           kjv.bbl       rob.bbl        
drb.bbl        gnt-v.bbl             kjv+.bbl      robertson.har  windows
dsv.bbl        gnt-wh+.bbl           kjvr.bbl      rst.bbl        wnt.bbl
emtv.bbl       gsb.bbl               krv.bbl       rusvzh+.bbl    ylt.bbl
esv.bbl        gw.bbl                lbla.bbl      rv.bbl
steven at Yeshua:~/.wine/drive_c$


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