Crossover cable connection between 2 computers.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat Mar 14 13:10:12 UTC 2009

>>> So just put the second hard drive in the case and be done with it.
>>> Mount it manually so as not to kill your already fragile fstab file.
> This does sound interesting.  It must be a left brain though.  It is so
> simple, I can't see why I did not just have the idea.  Anyway, I suspect
> the problem is I must change it so that it is a slave, but I don't
> understand the word 'manually' in this respect.

By "manually" Imeant not to add an fstab entry.

> If I install it in the
> new computer, won't it already be acknoledged?  When would the option of
> manual install take place?

You will just make a directory to mount it, then mount it once you
have a terminal.
$ mkdir /mnt/new-drive
$ mount /dev/hdb /mnt/new-drive

> And since I have an OS on each HDD, can't I just  move the HDD to my new
> computer, then transfer the data.  Then remove it again.  Then remove
> the second HDD from the old computer and move it to the new computer to
> make the transfer of the data on that drive.

Sure you can. Just make sure that your BIOS is configured to boot from
the partition that you want.

> At that point my work has been done.  So then regardless of my tender
> fstab, just format and install a new OS.  That would leave a fresh
> install in the old computer to give to my friend, and it with a fresh
> and robust fstab?  Does this sound logical?

Don't format a drive with your data on it.

>> The reason being is he'd have the issue of jumpers and making sure he gets all
>> his master/slave combinations correct. If he doesn't he'd end up either right
>> back where he started because the added HD will not be detected, or a computer
>> that isn't going to boot.
> Currently, I only have a single 500gb SATA drive in my new computer.  If
> I install one of the other HDD's in my new computer,  won't the only
> problem I have is to make the HDD a slave?  What else must I do?  And
> thanks for being so considerate, but I think I can handle the changing
> of the drives OK.

If they are sata drives then you will not have to mess with jumpers.

Dotan Cohen


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