Crossover cable connection between 2 computers.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Mar 14 12:44:32 UTC 2009

David McGlone wrote:
> Steven, Why not just put a DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW in  the old computer, fire up 
> K3B, burn your data on a disk then copy the stuff on the disk onto your new 
> computer. Then you can learn about networking and more advanced techniques at 
> your own pace.
250gb of data.
> I think this subject is just far too complicated to try and explain through E-
> Mail, given your limited knowledge of certain things like ping, ip addresses, 
> scp, etc, etc.
Unless it is a burden to the list, I can learn if we proceed.  I can't 
learn the process then be able to help others with the selfsame problem 
in the future, if I skip the learning process and move on.  I know I am 
frustrating you all, but you are not aware of all the things I can now 
do because of what I have learned from the list.  I have even helped 
others with the knowledge.  I am certain it is a 'right-brain' 
'left-brain' problem for me, not just being a newbie or just plain stupid.

One thing that is evidence to me is this:  I can now use a shell, and 
type in the appropriate command to join two 'avi' files together, 
without having to think about what I must do.  I type with confidence 
and don't worry about typing errors, because I now know that this can be 
done without damage to the system, only the need to re-type the command 
and correct any mistake.  There are several other command line things I 
can do without problem.  I can apply instructions provided me faster, 
because of my on going familiarity with these taught and learned 
activities.  When I have learned what you guys know, no one will know 
how stupid I was; I will be up-to-speed and joining you in helping 
others.  And Blessings o you David M.


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