Crossover cable connection between 2 computers.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat Mar 14 04:08:25 UTC 2009

> Additionally, I am interested in knowing the crossover technology.

There is no crossfire technology. The changing of the wire's location
is an artifact, not a technology. It's still ethernet over cat5. Those
are two terms that you can google if you want to know more about the

> One
> thing I have not received an answer for is this, which of these
> processes transfers data faster.

Can't say. In theory, eliminating the router may speed things up. In
practice not so.

> For now I am only going to use this
> capability one time.  I have about 250gb of data to move and a person
> anxiously waiting in the wings to get my old computer.

So just put the second hard drive in the case and be done with it.
Mount it manually so as not to kill your already fragile fstab file.

Dotan Cohen


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