Common call for launching file browser

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Mar 13 18:16:35 UTC 2009

> I work in a team (windows and linux) which develop programs using Qt for
> both systems. One of the windows team has created a functionality which
> opens the file browser (explorer) to browse through files. She uses
> explorer c:\mydir
> What is a linux equivalent for doing a similar thing that will work in both
> KDE and GNOME (and perhaps also XFCE or other window managers)?

Don't forget to add an override option, or document how users can
change their preferred file manager. Users will configure their
preferred PDF app, web browser, and email client, but do not generally
configure their preferred file manager as that is opened from a direct

For instance, in KDe3 the default file manager was Konqueror, but in
KDE4 it is Dolphin. Despite this, many KDE4 users use Konqueror: they
just add a Konqueror shortcut to the panel. Other KDe users use
Kommander. Still others may prefer to manage files in Konsole! I know
that quite a few Gnome users use Thunar instead of Nautilus as well.

In short, don't assume that the configured default is the preferred
file manager. Either give an override option, or document how the user
can set his preferred file manager.

Dotan Cohen


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