To those moving to Jaunty: Do not use the new ext4

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Mar 13 14:23:30 UTC 2009

>> It has everything to do with KDE because of the way KDE syncs it's data to disk.
> Many applications make this (incorrect) assumption, not just KDE.

That is correct.

>> There already was some AC on either this list or the Ubuntu list
>> asking about ext4 and he could not understand that new does not mean
>> better. I think that the Windows school of though is to use the newest
>> everything, including beta service packs when they can be torrented.
> Obviously that's not always true.

It doesn't have to be always true, just sometimes true, for a warning
to be prudent.

>>> . Among other things, it notes that ext4's behavior in no way violates
>>> the spec.  /However,/ it does conflict with application expectations,
>>> and so we will be adjusted.
>> In one month? You trust _your_ data to it.
> When did I say people should use ext4?  And what makes you think this
> can't be changed sanely in a month?  The on-disk format would be
> impossible to change at this point, but algorithm tweaks should not be
> infeasible at all.

I am not going to split hairs with you nor play he-said-she-said. The
combination of KDE (this is a KDE-centric list) and ext4 (the new
shiny filesystem in this list's focus) is dangerous today.

> There are very compelling advantages for ext4 over ext3, and speaking
> for myself I will probably switch at an appropriate time.

There are advantages, but "very compelling"? Which advantage would you
call "very compelling". Furthermore, I agree about "appropriate time"
but now is not appropriate time.

Dotan Cohen


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