Kmail? (Was: Akonadi)

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at
Fri Mar 13 00:45:22 UTC 2009

On Thursday 12 March 2009 04:46:52 Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
> The truth, my fellow Free Software using friend, is that our competition 
> is more than just Microsoft. It is the army of MCSE's who are scared to 
> death for their jobs. That's why if it ain't Microsoft, then in their 
> world, it just ain't, and if you actually bring up Linux, you sometimes 
> get this:

Don't be afraid of the MCSE's. If it wasn't on the course, they can't answer the question. I'm not one myself but I once learned the course before doing a round of interviews. I asked every MCSE something directly from the course texts (90% got it right) and something very closely related but not directly from the course texts (nobody got it right). These days, I don't even bother interviewing people with MCSE. The last MCSE we employed didn't realise that ethernet needed a cable connected to the PC....

Apologies to anybody who actually has that qualification. The fact you're on this list indeminifies you. But you wouldn't get a job in my team.


> *That* is our toughest competition. That mindset.
> --TP

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