Desktop Link to Ruby Program

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Thu Mar 12 19:39:09 UTC 2009

On Thursday 12 March 2009 01:49:47 pm Glenn R Williams wrote:

> how did you create the desktop link? If you just drag and drop it from the
> file manager (Dolphin?), then it will not execute.

i had created the link by right-clicking the desktop and selecting New -> Link 
to Application.

The info you gave me did help me solve the problem, though. I hadn't thought 
about running it in a terminal (it's a gui application using QT). When I did 
that, I saw that (running from the desktop), it was missing a crucial library 
directory. I supplied it and everything ran perfectly. Not being able to see 
the error without the console kept me from fixing it.

Thanks much.

> Try this:
> 1. Create a file in your home directory called "MP3Form.desktop".
> 2. Edit it and add these lines:
> [Desktop Entry]
> Version=1.0
> Encoding=UTF-8
> Type=Application
> Name=MP3 Form
> Comment=
> Categories=Application;
> Exec=/scripts/
> Icon=
> Terminal=true
> StartupNotify=false
> TerminalOptions=\s--noclose
> 3. Now you should be able to click on this file and it will run. Note that
> Terminal=true and TerminalOptions is set to noclose. That tells the system
> to open the program in a terminal and not to close the terminal after
> executing the program. That way you can see everything that's going on.
> Once it is all working, you can change right click on the icon, select
> Properties --> Advanced Options and tell it not to run in a terminal if you
> want.
> HTH,
> Glenn

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