[OT] Home Email Server?

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at bmarsh.com
Thu Mar 12 14:46:16 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 11 March 2009, Alan Dacey wrote:
> I believe that you can re-map the ports on your machine so that the
> 'standard' ones can be changed.  For example you can remap port 443 to
> 56189.  You could then ssh to port 56189 and the software inside your
> machine would never know the difference.  Unless your ISP blocks
> everything, you are good to go.  I have not done this, yet, but I have read
> about it doing research to set up my own home ubuntu server.

I routinely (as in always) tell ssh to use a port above 10000.  Saves a lot of 
usage by the script kiddies who want to beat on port 22.

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