[OT] Home Email Server?

Cary Bielenberg cary at bielenberg.id.au
Thu Mar 12 01:09:35 UTC 2009

Alan Dacey wrote:
> Norberto Bensa wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:27 PM, Christopher Chan
>> <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk> wrote:
>>>>> /me stares at port 995. ???
>>> Heh...I never configure pop3 let alone pop3s.
>> Neither I do.
>> I know my ISP blocks everything: 80,443,587,etc... in fact, all common
>> service ports,  except for 22.
>> They suck, but it's the only thing available at a reasonable price.
>> The day they block 22, I'll move to another town :-D
>> Regards,
>> Norberto
> I believe that you can re-map the ports on your machine so that the 'standard' 
> ones can be changed.  For example you can remap port 443 to 56189.  You could 
> then ssh to port 56189 and the software inside your machine would never know the 
> difference.  Unless your ISP blocks everything, you are good to go.  I have not 
> done this, yet, but I have read about it doing research to set up my own home 
> ubuntu server.
I have my home domains setup with virtualmin http://www.virtualmin.com/ 
It is a web/gui interface to setting up websites, ftp & email on 
multiple domains on 1 server! I would use this even for 1 instance of a 
email server as it has so many configurable options that are built into 
Ubuntu but are obscure. It downloads the dependencies to make these all 
function. Virtualmin itself does not do anything but pull together apps 
in the repo & give you a web front end to access these.

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