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Date: 03/11/2009 02:09 PM
>> <rant deleted>
> ׁHave you any suggestions for replacements? There are at least four
> outstanding KDE-PIM bugs that I must 'work around' at least once a
> day. I forget why I discounted Evolution as a viable alternative, but
> if you have other suggestions then I would like to hear them. Thanks.
I have used Evolution and it suffers its own problems. I used it for 
over a year with its connector to Exchange and it was just never stable. 
I still go back a look every obnce in a while and it has not improved 
much. I have setup an alias "kill-evo" that I used almost daily to start 
it up clean and hope it stayed up.

I am currently using Thunderbird and am fairly happy with it. It's lack 
of corporate integrated calendar is the one really painful missing 
feature. I use it in both IMAP (To Exchange) and POP (cox, my ISP) mode 
and both work well. It's RSS reader is also quite functional. The IMAP 
implementation is hyper fast even with nearly a hundred folders. 
Filtering works very well and I have not run into any lits yet on the 
number of rules. The support for HTML formatted messages also works 
fairly well. My only complaint is that it sometimes chooses to do HTML 
when I am not expecting it to and visa versa. But I can send, receive, 
forward, reply to, cut and past in HTML mode. You can't paste an image 
but you can include one which is a bit of an annoyance.

I can also state whether or not a particular address wants HTML 
formatted email or not. For example, I am typing this note and it is 
probably in HTML format. I have, however, marked this address as one 
desiring plain text and so it will send it in plain text. A nice feature.

The real deal clincher, though, is that my colleges do not know that I 
am not using Outlook, which is our corporate standard. I am able to 
communicate seamlessly with the company without anybody saying "Why do 
your emails always look funny". I have to work within the world that I 
live and so far, T-Bird is letting me do it without having to bring up 
>> <snip>
> To be honest, KDE 4.3 wil see KDE-PIM on the new Akonadi backend and I
> expect there to be problems. However, I have very high hopes for 4.2
> even though it is a full year away. Not only in KDE-PIM, but in Plasma
> (specifically, spaces or places or whatever they call the multiple
> desktops). A lot of foundations were laid in KDE 4.0 and that's why it
> was so feature-incomplete. Now, all those new features that are
> possible due to Plasma will start coming out. It will be exciting!
While it may sound like I am a discontent, I am really a big KDE fan. I 
am running 4.2.1 on Ibex and am looking forward to Jaunty. I like KDE 
4.2 and am excited about watching it mature. KDE's office and PIM, 
however, have always been a frustration to me. The developers appear 
operate on the principal that they are not in competition with MS. The 
truth is, that is not the truth.

Sometimes I wonder.  Were our faith able to stand upright and look around, would it be looking down at the mustard seed or standing in awe of the height and breadth of it.

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