RESOLVED ** Re: How do I put the kmenu button back on the panel in Intrepid KDE 4.2? THANKS TO JOHNNY :O)

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Mar 11 15:13:14 UTC 2009

Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
> Greetings Steven.
> tirsdag den 10. Marts 2009 kvad Steven Vollom:
>> Somehow my panel Kmenu got changed to traditional.  I actually
>> preferred the new style, so I decided to remove the Plasmoid that
>> is the current Traditional Kmenu.  I removed it OK, but was unable
>> to install the other type menu.  So I added the Kmenu feature back
>> to the Plasmoids.  This is where the problem comes:  The Kmail
>> button is on the Desktop, but is not on the panel.  I have tried to
>> drag it to the panel; it refused.  I looked for installation
>> options, but could not find any.  Does anyone have an idea how to
>> do it.  Even better, does anyone know how to find and install the
>> new Kmenu button to the panel.  That would be my first choice.
> Unlock widgets.
> Hover your mouse pointer over the KMenu button on the desktop, until 
> its plasmoid toolbar pops out.
> Drag the KMenu button, by its plasmoid toolbar, from the desktop to 
> the panel (yes it is possible).
> Right click the KMenu button, and select "Switch to Kickoff Menu 
> Style".
> Lock widgets.
> Best regards
> Johnny :o)

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