strange plasma and behavior in KDE 4.2

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Tue Mar 10 17:03:38 UTC 2009

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> Jorge P?rez wrote:
>> Sorry, I forgot the screenshot link:
>> --
>> Jorge
> That looks pretty normal to me, Jorge.  You can put other Icon shortcuts
> on there if you want.  It looks like you operate with Ubuntu.  I operate
> with KDE.  I am not familiar with and can't help you with Gnome.  It
> seems I recall you don't like the large clock on your panel.  I would
> prefer it, myself.  I have older eyes, I guess, and enjoy a little size
> when reading anything.
> Maybe it was a presumption to think you were using Ubuntu instead of
> Kubuntu, however the icon on the far left has a big K in the middle of
> it on my desktop, indicating KDE.
> What is your processor and your ram?  I have a quad core with 8gb of
> ram, so there isn't much I can't run with my computer now.  If you are
> low on memory and with a slow processor, you can't get much from the
> desktop extra effects.  I sure like them.  Of course, I am a
> fine-artist, and visuals seem to be more important to people in my
> profession.
> Have a great day, friend.
> Steven
Hi Steven,

I'm using Kubuntu with KDE 4.2 but I'm not using the Oxygen icon theme
because it has missing icons (as you can see in the "device monitor"
plasmoid just on the left of the recycle bin icon)

The font size in the clock it's ok to me, the problem is the size of
the plasmoid. This screenshot may help to understand me:

As you can see, I have 2 plasmoids together (the "system tray" and the
clock plasmoid). The icons and font size are ok, but there are a lot
of space that I can't use (the red lines in the screenshot indicates
where the plasmoid begin/end when I try to relocate them)

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