[OT] Home Email Servers

David McGlone david at dmcentral.net
Wed Mar 11 01:33:55 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 10 March 2009 6:50:01 pm David Fletcher wrote:
> I have an account with One And One that provides authenticated SMTP that I
> can use from anywhere. I also run a small machine as a mail server which
> downloads with fetchmail then puts everything through procmail to do some
> filtering into evreybody's mail boxes. If I'm out somewhere and lucky
> enough to be able to get a WiFi connection, I can collect mail from my
> server using POP3 over SSL which runs on port 995. You need to configure
> your Internet router to port forward 995 requests to your server to make
> this work.
> What you could do is set up your server with Squirrelmail. Yes it's web
> mail but it would be running on your own server, if that's any consolation.
> You need to make sure you run it over SSL which is port 443 I think.
> I would go for postfix rather than sendmail. Just my personal experience in
> which I managed to get postfix to do what I need but never sendmail. I
> guess you should be able to go in from outside to use your server as a
> relay, but be very Very VERY careful about doing this. I mean that - be
> very careful. Don't end up being an open relay otherwise every spammer in
> creation will be using it too. You would have to set it up as authenticated
> SMTP like One and One does. This I've never done, so you might be better
> off either using Squirrelmail over SSL or paying a few pounds a year for a
> dedicated outside email account like I use. Postfix can be configured to
> act like a client to an authenticated SMTP server for your outgoing
> messages, or maybe you can just is your ISP's box to make it easy.
> Dave
> BTW What hardware are you running your server on? I'm interested in making
> these take as little power as possible whilst running a standard 3.5 inch
> hard drive. Trouble is the less power you want to take the more expensive
> the hardware gets, it seems to me.

I second this. I am using postfix with procmail filtering into the correct 
David M.

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