strange plasma and behavior in KDE 4.2

Derek Broughton derek at
Wed Mar 11 02:24:54 UTC 2009

D. R. Evans wrote:

> Derek Broughton said the following at 03/10/2009 12:34 PM :
>> D. R. Evans wrote:
>>> I filed a bug report about the size of the clock, and was told that it's
>>> infinitely resizeable (see <49ADAAF2.2080709 at> posted on this
>>> reflector;
>> ???  Do you really think that's going to be a usable link for most of us?
> No. Principally because it's not a link :-)
> I did expect it to be a usable unambiguous reference to an e-mail, though.
> It's how we refer to e-mails on reflectors within IETF working groups (and
> have done for as many years as I care to recall).
> I plead ignorance as to how other reflectors do it, so... how does one
> generate an unambiguous reference to an e-mail here?

I google it, and post google's (or marcmail, gmane, etc) link.

> It's not a link, so I wouldn't expect it to "work as a link". Actually,
> it's not obvious to me what the word "link" means in the context of a
> plain text message.

Well I doubt it's obvious to the typical user of this list what
a "reflector" is let alone what a message-Id could be used for.

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