[OT] Home Email Servers

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 10 20:30:11 UTC 2009

I sent this once but I sent it as HTML. Whoops. Anyway...

Not strictly Kubuntu related this one, but there seem to be plenty of clever people on here. Kind of follows on from the kmail discussion we were having. Because I have one of these new-fangled laptop things ( ;) ) I want to be able to access my email when I'm on the move. However, my ISP, in their infinite wisdom, will only let me access their mail servers if I am connected to my home cable connection. (I can see why they do this though). So at the moment I am limited to webmail (and that really is evil :D ).

So.. what I want to do is to have a server at home. I should be able to connect to this server via ssh from anywhere (I already have dynamic DNS and the server, I just need to know what to install on it....). This server provides me with IMAP mailbox(es), and collects my POP3 mail from my ISP into those mailboxes. It also provides me with an SMTP relay server so I can send mail via my ssh connection to my ISP. I think the latter can be done somehow with sendmail.. but the former..??

Doing it this way avoids the complexities and expenses of registering my own email domain, which I really don't want to do.

Any hints or links gratefully appreciated.


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