[OT] Cloning application for Microsoft Windows

Alvin info at alvin.be
Mon Mar 9 20:25:32 UTC 2009

On Monday 09 March 2009 21:00:18 Ray Burke wrote:
> Does Anyone  know
>  (I run dual boot xp pro sp3 and Kubuntu )
> of a better clone app within win xp pro that will
> clone over
> my original k to a bkup both 40gb,(as I cant when within K) when I use
> paragon drive copy with recognizes
> both my slave 40g(K) and usb drive (bkup K) 40gb, which I just ran a
> clone 20 mins ago
> and took 4.20hrs to do with the xp pro system running, I know under
> Ghost is dosent work????

Your're making this too hard for yourself. Do you really expect an answer to:
- HTML mail
- without a subject
- about a Microsoft Windows application in several Kubuntu mailing lists?

To be a little constructive:
Maybe dd or dumpe2fs works on Windows? (dd is slow, so you'll probably don't 
want that)

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