[OT] Useful Start Page revisited

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Sat Mar 7 14:08:12 GMT 2009

Nigel Ridley wrote:

> Matthew Flaschen wrote:
>> instead of:
>>  <style type="text/css" media="screen">
>>   /* <![CDATA[ */
>> @import url(layout.css);
>> why not just:
>> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="layout.css"
>> />
> Because it's good practice. To quote from 'Web Designer's Reference' by
> Craig Grannel:
> [quote]
> The problem with the link method is that obsolete browsers see the style
> sheet but don't understand it. This results in garbled layouts-- and often
> in unusable websites for those unfortunate enough to have to deal with
> arcane web browsers. The solution is to hide the CSS from such browsers by
> using a command that they don't understand and so will ignore. This is
> often referred to as the @import method.
> [end quote]

I really don't understand his point.  I don't plan to support anything that
old...  It may have been a good idea once, but I have a suspicion it messes
up caching.  Since the script and style files are often the largest part of
any given page, I absolutely don't want to risk that.
> The above mentioned book is really good for those looking to design
> standards compliant web sites. Had to do that so that Graig [hopefully]
> won't get upset with me for quoting form his
> [copyrighted] book :-)

Upset or not, he doesn't have a reason or legal grounds.  That's
called "fair use" - you've given a proper citation (though not perhaps well
enough formatted for university credit :-) ) and only a small quote.  

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