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Fri Mar 6 17:21:07 UTC 2009

Neil Winchurst wrote:

> I am using Kubuntu Hardy and Firefox v
> A couple of questions please.
Hi Neil,

> I know that there is version 3 of FF available. Can both versions be
> installed  without problems? Or would I need to uninstall v 2 first?
For major version differences, you can have both installed. While v.3 was
still in beta I kept  v.2 until the release of v.3 
> Does v 3 have any advantages over v 2 or would it be a pointless exercise?
The best way to find out is go to the Mozilla Firefox website and check out
the features for version 3 ("what's new in version 3" or something like
that). Then you decide for yourself. The only downside is that some of your
plugins or extension or themes may not be compatible with v.3 but you can
check that out when you install 3 and if it is missing something that is
vital for you just dump it.

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