Neil Winchurst barnaby at
Fri Mar 6 17:18:30 UTC 2009

Neil Winchurst wrote:
> I am using Kubuntu Hardy and Firefox v
> A couple of questions please.
> I know that there is version 3 of FF available. Can both versions be
> installed  without problems? Or would I need to uninstall v 2 first?
> Does v 3 have any advantages over v 2 or would it be a pointless exercise?
> Thanks for any suggestions etc
> Neil Winchurst
To answer my own question -

yes, I can have both versions available at the same time. I installed 
FF3 using Adept. The latest version was there for me (3.0.7) as I have 
the backports repository enabled.

When it installed it found two of my addons were not up to date enough 
and offered to install the latest version, which I did. It also found 
all my bookmarks and my home page. In all it worked brilliantly.

So now I can choose to run either version, so I will of course use the 
new one.

Any updates will now be offered to me automatically, so that is one 
advantage. I will now see what others extras I can find.

Feeling very pleased

Neil Winchurst

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