Home icon on Panel Disappeared. Intrepid 64bit KDE 4.2

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 5 18:25:04 UTC 2009

Upon recommendation, I backed up then removed .kde from my system.  When 
the new desktop came on screen.  Most everything was normal again except 
the restoration of default configuration.

At a time when I was working on other problems relating to my computer, 
I needed the Home button that is usually right next to the Kmenu button 
on the panel.  I call it that because the button has a shadow picture of 
a home on it, a little house without details.

I opened and selected  'add widgets',  however the icon I describe here 
as the 'Home' button doesn't seem to be on the list.

The 'Home' button from the panel is a plasmoid that I use and want back.



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