Clicking on plasmoid Desktop Folders opens Kaffeine

Johnny Ernst Nielsen j_e_n_pub at
Thu Mar 5 10:47:10 UTC 2009

Greetings Steven.

torsdag den 5. Marts 2009 kvad Steven Vollom:
> > I'm not playing with you Steven. I'm trying to help you :o)
> I hope I did not offend you. Learning computer talk is kind of 
> like learning a new language.  To an inexperienced person, it
> sounded kind of like "if you put the whosits in the whachamacallit
> then the doodlewidget affects the whatsit.  I am so stupid still
> that some of the guys play with my inexperience and make jokes.  I
> sure didn't mean to offend.  I am for sure taking it serious right
> now.

We were all new with computer stuff once. Don't worry about it. You'll 
learn :o)

> I got as far as to the directory.  It has two tabs General and
> Embedding.  I don't see any option for sub node.

The sub node stuff is the tree structure at the left.

"Sub node" is a term for "a node inside an other node".

When you first get to the file association dialog, I presume you have 
only one list of nodes at the left side, all with a small "+" to 
their left.

When you click the "+", you "unfold" that node so you can see 
what "sub nodes" it contains.

> I see the list you are talking about, at the top is Kaffeine then
> Dolphin, Konqueror, Dolphin again then Open Folder.  I am guessing
> that Open Folder should be at the top.

That would be my first guess too.

> I will try that and see what happens.  If it doesn't improve things,
> I will try Dolphin, 

That would be my second guess, because in the list on my kubuntu 9.04 
computer I have only Dolphin and Konqueror, with Dolphin at the top.

> my next logical choice, and it is probably Konqueror that I should
> raise to the top,

Which would be my third guess.

> I changed the order to Open Folder, Dolphin, Konqueror, Kaffeine,
> Dolphin and apply.  Hope I didn't screw things up.

Looks like a logical program order to me.

> >> You are one of those doing the genius part aren't you. I am
> >> absolutely overwhelmed.  If you are a part of development, I
> >> love Intrepid.  It has a few problems but is a big move forward.
> >>  I am anxious to see 9.02, but not knowlegable enough to do so
> >> yet.  Thanks much.

I'm not a developer on the KDE or kubuntu. I have just used KDE since 
the KDE 2 days, so I have an idea where to look for some things.

Best regards

Johnny :o)

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