Clicking on plasmoid Desktop Folders opens Kaffeine

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Mar 5 10:05:57 UTC 2009

> I'm not playing with you Steven. I'm trying to help you :o)
I hope I did not offend you.  Learning computer talk is kind of like 
learning a new language.  To an inexperienced person, it sounded kind of 
like "if you put the whosits in the whachamacallit then the doodlewidget 
affects the whatsit.  I am so stupid still that some of the guys play 
with my inexperience and make jokes.  I sure didn't mean to offend.  I 
am for sure taking it serious right now.

I got as far as to the directory.  It has two tabs General and 
Embedding.  I don't see any option for sub node.

I see the list you are talking about, at the top is Kaffeine then 
Dolphin, Konqueror, Dolphin again then Open Folder.  I am guessing that 
Open Folder should be at the top.  I will try that and see what 
happens.  If it doesn't improve things, I will try Dolphin, my next 
logical choice, and it is probably Konqueror that I should raise to the 
top, but I have to try something.  You, my friend are amazing.  How you 
could ever find this, let alone understand what you are doing is beyond 
me.  You guys are amazing.  It is fun just to work near you.  Thanks.  
While there, I changed the order to Open Folder, Dolphin, Konqueror, 
Kaffeine, Dolphin and apply.  Hope I didn't screw things up.
>> You are one of those doing the genius part aren't you.  I am absolutely overwhelmed.  If you are a part of development, I love Intrepid.  It has a few problems but is a big move forward.  I am anxious to see 9.02, but not knowlegable enough to do so yet.  Thanks much.


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