How do I change permissions in Intrepid 64bit KDE 4.2

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Thu Mar 5 08:12:17 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-03-04 at 20:57 -0500, Steven Vollom wrote:
> >
> > I'm glad it helped! Google really isn't that hard to use. Plus, it's
> > almost a 100% certainty that someone else has had your problems, and
> > that the fixes are stored forever there. I use it a lot being right
> > brained myself plus forgetful. If it wasn't for my spellchecker I'd look
> > like a -complete- idiot, instead of a partial one. :) Ric
> >   
> I am a lot dumber.  When I went to that page, I was unable to figure how 
> to get the answer I needed.  I can't even remember the problem now.  
> Nonetheless, I heard the laughter.  I am old now.  Things are tougher.  
> And my feelings are actually not hurt anymore when someone gets a laugh 
> out of me.  It doesn't accomplish anything.  I have come to recognize my 
> limitations.  Still, I want to learn, so as long as my inability doesn't 
> frustrate those who help me so much that they don't want to help 
> anymore, I will eat humble pie (and with sincerity), I will do 
> practically anything that is honorable and proper, but I will not give 
> up.  You will never know how much I appreciate you all.  Even those I 
> frustrate.  I would have little chance to succeed without your help.  
> Who knows, maybe I will fit in some day.  I sure hope so, if just to 
> show you all how much I respect you, and admire the help you so 
> selflessly provided.  I especially appreciate you, Ric, and the help you 
> have given me.

Heck Steven, I'm looking down the barrel at 60. I hate it too! Ric


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