Clicking on plasmoid Desktop Folders opens Kaffeine

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Mar 5 02:37:48 UTC 2009

> You could also open System Settings, choose the Advanced tab, and then 
> File Associations.
> Unfold the inode node, and select the directory sub node.
> On the right you can then see what programs are set up to handle 
> directories.
> The program at the top of the list is the one that is used when you 
> click directory icons (folders) to open them. The other programs are 
> the ones that are present in the directories' right click pop up 
> menu, under the "Open with" sub menu.
I am laughing so hard I have tears.  I am not sure if you are just so 
smart that I cannot relate, or playing with me, but it will take a while 
for me to just figure out what you said.  It is not easy to be me.  I 
understand too little to play this game with computers, however, I am 
persistent, and although I may never catch up, I will learn enough to 
keep me happy.  You are just great, even if you are playing with me.

I can't do that right now.  I am missing the kmenu button from the panel 
in Intrepid KDE 4.2, but as soon as I can figure out how to get to 
System Settings, I will resume this project.  It sounds a little like 
Hardy by the System Settings>Advance tab instructin.  I hope it is that 
way in Intrepid.  Thanks again.


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