Plasmoid Problem

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Mar 3 22:50:40 GMT 2009

I received instruction to move the items on the panel as well as move 
the panel. 
When I first attempted to move Kmenu button from the left of the panel 
to the
right of the panel, I moved Kmenu button to the right and it 
disappeared.  I
figure out a way to get it to come back.  Then I moved the panel to the 
top of the
desktop.  After that was completed, I found a strange thing happened to the
Desktop Folder plasmoid and the Home Plasmoid.  Each has several folders 
contain various content that I go to often.  Nonetheless, after the 
error that
happened to the Kmenu, all the folders in Desktop Folder plasmoid and Home
Plasmoid open the package Kaffeine, instead of showing their proper 

Is there a way to restore them?


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