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I know this is a bit off-topic, but bare with me please:

I have a Nokia E71 Smart Phone which I use as my OGG and MP3  player on the

I have two issues:

I connect the phone to my Kubuntu Hardy box via USB (in Mass Storage mode),
transfer a bunch of MP3 files (about 1GB in total) then unmount the device
by right clicking it's icon on the desktop and choosing 'Safely Remove' - it
does unmount it, but he icon stays on the desktop.

Then I run 'sudo sync' from the console (just as a precaution).

Then I unplug the USB cable from my box, and the icon disappears...

Here's the problem: When I fire up the internal Music Player (a.k.a Symbian
Music Player) and try to refresh the song list, it claims a USB connection
is in progress. When I go to the Memory application to check the capacity
taken / free on the memory card - it claims the card is in use!

The only escape is to reboot my phone. Then, when I try to refresh the list
in the Music Player, it goes into an endless loop...

I tried to get some help from my cell phone carrier and Nokia's local rep -
to no avail...

I now have to Hard Reset (format) my phone to fix the Music Player...

What I want to know is, why can't I fully unmount my phone (make the icon
disappear from the desktop as I unmount it) because it seems the problem is
caused by the phone thinking iit is still connected to my computer's USB

There is no way to 'unmount' the phone from the phone side (kind of turning
off the USB connection before actually pulling the USB...

Can any of you think of a solution?

I would like to format my phone and then try it again, and I don't want to
have to format again...

I hope a firmware update will fix this from the phone side, but I need to
travel for that, so it won't be done soon...



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