Plasmoid problem

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Mar 3 23:09:57 UTC 2009

I received instruction to relocate the items from the panel at the 
bottom of the desktop, as well as move the panel from the bottom to the 
top of the desktop.  I selected the Kmenu button to move from the left 
end of the panel to the right end.  When I attempted to move Kmenu 
button and came to the end of the panel, it disappeared.

I was unable to get the Kmenu button to re-appear.  I continued to move 
the panel from the bottom of the desktop to the top, where I wanted it.  
I also thought maybe if I centered the panel it would allow the Kmenu 
button to reappear, but it did not return.

Next, I noticed a strange thing happened to the desktop plasmoids 
'Desktop Folder' and 'Home'.  Each plasmoid had 10 folders in it, 
however, when I clicked on any one of them to use the contents, Kaffeine 
opened.  Not just one of them, all 20 opened Kaffeine.

Is there a way to restore the Kmenu button to the panel and restore the 
folders in the two desktop plasmoids so that their content reappears, 
and they function again.


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