Inserting Images in KMail

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Tue Mar 3 17:05:53 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 03 March 2009 17:28, Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 March 2009, Alvin wrote:
> > > I selected the option, but nothing else seems to be happening...
> >
> > It will suggest automatic display to the mail client of the receiver. You
> > are not able to see it yourself. If you want to 'test' the result, just
> > send a mail to yourself and you'll see the result.
> I sent a mail to myself but saw no difference....   Oh well.....

Out of interest, I've just sent an email to myself using the "suggest 
automatic display" , with an attached text file, and lo, and behold, it 
works. I'd always wondered how that was done, and now I know.

Thanks to whoever suggested that, but more importantly, it does confirm that 
it works with kmail. Don't know about T-bird, as I don't use it.

I'll have to try a small image file attached, and see how that goes.


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