KDE desktop no longer available?

tom bell cbell44 at cfl.rr.com
Tue Mar 3 09:49:26 UTC 2009

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> Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 18:55:29 -0500 From: Matthew Flaschen <matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu> Subject: Re: KDE desktop no longer available? To: Kubuntu Help and User Discussions <kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com> Message-ID: <49AC71F1.2040409 at gatech.edu> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1252 tom bell wrote:
>> > startkde
>> > 	KDE seems to be already running on this display.
> Try crashing X (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace).  Note this will instantly kill all
> GUI apps with no warning.  Save your work!
> *Then*, tell us what startkde gives (I'm assuming you're actually
> running it within a GNOME Terminal).
> Matt Flaschen
No, I am running KDE, I think.  That is what I originally loaded on this
computer from the Live CD.
I now have the GUI looking like KDE except for the drives that appear on
the upper left of the screen.  The window for "Change Desktop
Background" looks like Gnome not KDE and I don't get access to the KDE
I don't like to cause a reboot with KDE since it causes my sound to go
in-and-out and I have to keep rebooting until I get sound back.
I at least now have KDE 4.2.0 working and have altered the appearance
enough that it looks like KDE, except for the drives appearing on my
desktop.  Menu is still good and all the apps seem to work fine.
Since I patched my background it is exceptable.
I just hope someone finds out what is going on with the switcheroo,
since it starts with the opening logon screen and therefore is not a KDE
problem apparently.

Thank you!
Tom bell

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