Desktop Effects Intrepid KDE 4.2

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Mar 3 00:50:01 UTC 2009

I have been installed for a couple of days on my new 64bit box.  Not 
needing or using them yet, I did not notice that the desktop effects are 
not active.  I have several plasmoids functioning on the desktop, 
however, my favorite desktop effect was needed, and it did not respond.  
I then noticed that things I do not need, but enjoy, like wobbly windows 
did not work either.  The effect that I find indispensible, now that it 
is available, is where I put the mouse in the upper left corner of the 
screen, and all of my open overlapping applications separate on the one 
screen in a size that fits all.  Then I can rapidly choose from among 
them the application I want on the surface.  Is there some command that 
would resolve the problem?


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