Arrangement of Icons on the panel, Intrepid KDE4.2

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Mar 1 23:30:41 UTC 2009

Johnny Ernst Nielsen wrote:
> lørdag den 28. Februar 2009 kvad Steven Vollom:
>> [Plasmoids on the desktop]
> We're drifting away from the subject.
> Did you get your KDE 4.2 panel icons arranged?
> Best regards
> Johnny :o)

Do you consider 'the panel' the row of icons on the bottom of the 
screen, or the 'plasmoids' on the desktop.  If you are referring to the 
bottom panel, that is what I am interested in moving Icons.  Actually, I 
would like to move the entire panel to the top of the screen.  Then I 
would like to have the Kmenu icon closest to the right corner of the 
screen.  Next, I would like to have the 'home/steven' icon.  Then a 
Konqueror icon, next a kmail icon, next a Dolphin icon, next Adept and 
Synaptic, then Ktorrent then trash.

I am right handed and for years have set up my desktop shortcuts from 
right to left, most used to least used on a hiding panel.  I can learn 
another way, but that is best for me.

When I use the plasmoid Zoom Out choice, I get a screen that I can't go 
back from.  I just shut the system down in frustration.  What am I doing 


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