KMail: Accounts lost or reconfigured, TLS not supported anymore?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Mar 1 23:03:08 UTC 2009

uriah heep wrote:
> While updating and adding apts I seem to have installed the wrong 
> video package.  On but I get the command line which states
>  checking battery     ok
> and it stops there.  I can boot recover and go to standard command prompt
> From command prompt how can I reinstall the standard nvidia video?
That looks like something I said in one of my responses to a post, 
however it must have gotten on the wrong post.  For me it was an 
installation problem for my new computer.  I can't even remember what 
resolved the problem, because I was working on something else when it 
corrected.  If this a note to tell me I was off topic, you are right, 
and I am sorry.  I can't understand how it could have happened though.  
Anyway sorry.


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