Backports 4.2 vs. PPA 4.2

Clay Weber claydoh at
Sun Mar 1 21:19:09 UTC 2009

On Sunday 01 March 2009 2:55:41 pm Art Alexion wrote:
> Now that 4.2 is in both the backports and the ppa, which is better to use?
> If backports are preferred and one has been using the ppa, is there
> anything that needs to be done, other than removing the ppa from
> sources.list?
> I notice that kadressbook in the ppa is version 4.1 which was very buggy
> even though kontact is 4.2.  is kaddressbook 4.2 available for kubuntu, or
> is this only being implemented in mandravia and others?  If so, how do I
> force the install?
> Thanks.

The packages from the experimental ppa have (mostly) been moved into 
backports so that is the one to use. At this point 4.2 packages really are 
backports from Jaunty now. I believe we may use kubuntu-experimental for 
testing out Koffice2 packages in the near future.

Clay Weber

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